Zoella x Colorpop review

Zoella x Colorpop review

Ooh, check me out, coming back with a beauty review like i didn’t abandon that side of my blog years ago. Determined to nail product shots this year.

Zoella x Colorpop seemed to be a very controversial launch; eeeeveryone was commenting on it and not many people had nice things to say. There was a lot of talk of “why does she have a makeup range she’s not a makeup artist”, “there are so many other amazing and talented makeup artists that should have this collaboration” and “the palette is so boring and basic and looks like every other palette ever.”


I was honestly so sick of all the same opinions that were coming out. That girl genuinely cannot seem to do anything right, and it’s a shame. She’s so passionate about what she does and has worked so hard to establish herself as a brand, something not many can and have the opportunity to do. I’m not a makeup artist and never even do eyeshadow but if Colorpop wanted me to create a palette, i’d be like f*ck yeah i’ll do it!

Anyway, now that i’ve said that piece, let’s be all positive now! I was really excited for this launch and knew instantly i was gonna be buying various items from it. The Brunch Date palette was a must-have, as were the liquid lipsticks, and i was very intrigued by the Supernova liquid eyeshadows. So i bought them. Very nearly bought the PR package but managed to resist.


Let’s start off this section by talking about the comments i mentioned earlier – “the palette is so boring and looks the same as every other palette”.

It is a neutral palette, yes, with a pop of electric blue. Some may consider it boring – those of you who are used to doing multicoloured eyeshadow looks and really experimenting with colour on a daily basis. That’s not Zoe’s target market. Sorry bout it.

This palette is for people like Zoe; just your average person who enjoys doing basic makeup every day, or isn’t super confident with their makeup skills. She said in a video that she included all the shades she loves and uses almost daily. That’s the kind of palette i want.

I really suck at eyeshadow – my eyelids just don’t seem to work with me and i find it really hard to make it look acceptable. I’ll never be a makeup expert, i’ll never be able to paint clouds on my eyelids, but that’s okay. I can invest in good quality, slightly cheaper palettes that allow me to experiment whilst still getting everyday use out of it. I wouldn’t want Zoe to create a palette with a TON of bright shades in it, because i wouldn’t get enough use out of it.

The shades themselves are named after cute brunch related things, and there’s a mixture of matte and shimmer. They are very neutral; pinks and browns and burgundy’s with that one pop of blue. Overall, a really wearable palette and you could create a lot of work acceptable looks with it.

I find them so easy to blend – i’ve never used Colorpop shadows, or Colorpop anything, before and i was pleasantly surprised. They’re very buttery (i think that’s how people describe shadows) and really pigmented. I don’t struggle too much with fallout (except the video game LOL) and it’s quite easy to build up the colour.

Overall, i’m super chuffed with the palette. I think it’s a welcome addition to my dying makeup collection and it may even inspire me to get a little more creative with my eyeshadow looks. Although, we all know it’ll just end up brown again. As always.


I feel like Colorpop are best known for their matte liquid lipsticks – they were the OG liquid lip and are known for being super comfortable and long lasting. It was no surprise that they featured in Zoe’s collection.

The lipsticks Zoe created are two nudes and a gorgeous red – i picked up one nude and one red. They do come in a lip kit, with a corresponding lip liner, but i was really stressed whilst buying thinking it was a limited edition range and didn’t bother buying the lip kit, just the standalone lip colours. To be honest, i wouldn’t have used the liners anyway. I have loads of lip liners that i’ve never bothered to sharpen.

I chose the shades Self Love Club, the most gorgeous cherry red, and Little One, a pinky nude. This shade is named after Alfie’s nickname for Zoe, which is Little One, and coincidentally that’s what Max calls me! So it was meant to be. It’s also my perfect nude, so there’s that.

I now see what the fuss was about with the Colorpop liquid lipsticks. They’re SO good. They dry down matte, but it’s not super uncomfortable and don’t make your lips flaky. They’re also such good value for money, considering how good they are.

Top to bottom: Supernova shadow in Bellini, liquid lipstick in Little One, liquid lipstick in Self Love Club.


I genuinely love eyeshadow products that you can use in 2 seconds flat. I remember when the Maybelline Color Tattoo things were all the rage, and i bought 2 and i still use them even now. They’re so quick and effortless and make me look way more put together than i am.

I got the Supernova Shadow in the shade Bellini – there was the option to buy both shades in a set but i found them so similar and i love Bellini’s, so that’s about as much as i thought about that decision. It comes in a tube that’s very similar to the liquid lipsticks; same applicator and everything.

It’s basically a rose gold glitter shadow, and it’s breathtaking. I put it on my eyelid with the applicator and then pat it in with my finger, it retains a lot of pigmentation this way and glitters amazingly. I like to use it as both a base (and build up darker colour on top) and a finishing glitter (on top of other shadows).

Overall, the bits and pieces i chose from the range have become staples in my makeup routine. I reach for the palette almost daily (when i have enough time) and the liquid lipsticks, especially the red, are in my handbag on a permanent basis.

You just have to ignore public opinion on this one – Zoe is not well liked in the media and people will always have a problem with what she does. I’m always happy to support her because i really admire how she’s built herself up in this industry. Remember, she’s pretty much the first to do it. Put yourself in her shoes; it’s not easy!

Have you tried the Zoella x Colorpop range?

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    Such bright pigments! I like it!