What i made in my first month earning from instagram

It feels like with every month, there’s something new i’m learning with blogging/instagram and something that takes me by surprise. It’s a tricky path to navigate and once you start trying to earn from it, it’s a minefield.

There’s so much to get wrong. So many things i’m trying to remember and trying to learn from. One of the things i find the hardest is knowing how much to charge, and how to ask for money without seeming cheeky.

I thought i’d create a post about what i’ve earned so far from my instagram – i don’t get any sponsored posts at the moment although that’s something i’d love to start doing. I’m not sure how to crack that market yet.

Anyway – i would’ve found something like this really helpful when i was first starting out because i didn’t have any idea how much to charge, and i still don’t.

how i ask for money

So, let’s get straight down to it. How to ask for money. Half the paid collaborations i got last month were because i asked if they had any budget, it’s as simple as that. I’ve worked out that most brands will try their luck at gifting first, they won’t always ask for your rates.

I was too afraid to ask for the longest time, i felt it was too cheeky and i wasn’t good enough, everything like that. And then i saw someone else being paid for a collaboration i had done on a gifting basis. And oh man, i was livid.

That spurred me on to ask almost everyone who emailed me if they had a budget available. Sometimes i’m happy to work on a gifting basis if i really love the brand, and sometimes i’ll say yes even if they have no budget. Totally depends on the brand/product.

The way i word it is “do you have any budget available for this campaign?”. It’s so simple, it’s not cheeky, and it leaves room to still accept if they say they don’t have any budget. I normally pop this at the end of my first email and go from there.

my rates

I have a very strong suspicion that i’m undercharging but i genuinely have no way of knowing. People don’t talk openly about their rates, so i’m opening up about mine in the hope it opens up more of a conversation.

I’m also hoping someone tells me that i’m undercharging and advises me on how much i should actually charge. I have no idea how i worked out my rates. In all honesty, i’m so bad at math that i believed i was charging 10% of how many followers i had, because i read that somewhere. I am not. I suck at maths.

So, last month, i charged £100 per grid post and £20 per story post. Since then, my following has grown by almost 1k meaning i’ll likely up it to £120 per grid post and £30 per story post. At this point, i don’t feel like asking for any more would be successful.

what i made in october

I’ll preface this by saying only one of these collaborations has actually been paid, i’m waiting on shooting two and i’m sending off the invoices for another two this week. It takes bloody ages to actually see any payout.

Overall, i will have made £750 from my instagram from 6 paid collaborations. The rates range from £100 to £160 and although it’s not as much as i would’ve liked, it’s a very good start. It’s almost double what i made when i worked in retail which is not bad!

The scary thing is, i don’t think November will be even nearly as successful. I don’t like how there’s no stability with earnings, there’s no payday, the money just comes in whenever they want to pay you.

I’m really keen to start up a conversation about this, so please message me or leave a comment so we can chat about rates and earnings within blogging and instagram. I think it’s important so that people don’t sell themselves short.

I can’t understand why most influencers are so secretive about what they charge. If anything, you’re harming yourself, because if 4 influencers with the same amount of followers are you are charging £200 less per post because they don’t know their worth, it’s likely the brand will curse you out for charging so much.

Knowing what to charge is the most difficult thing i’ve found with this. I love creating images i’m proud of and working with brands i know and love – i just wish i knew if i was getting it right or not.

Do you earn money from your blog/instagram?


  1. 07/11/2019 / 8:36 am

    I love how open you’re being about this. So many people don’t share what they charge and it’s so hard to know what you should be. I’d charge more for sure! I have 2k nearly 3k and I charge around £90-£100 for an Instagram post.
    Gal you deserve so much more!!!

    • Lauren
      30/11/2019 / 4:41 pm

      Thank you so much! I wish everyone shared their rates more, because by doing this post i’ve learned so much about what i should be charging. If everyone was transparent, brands would be more willing to pay the correct fees and less people would get caught out charging less than what they should.

  2. 07/11/2019 / 9:37 am

    I don’t earn any money from my Instagram but I think it’s great that you are talking about it on here. The people who complain about others undercharging are the same people who won’t share what they charge. If people aren’t talking about it then how do you know what to set your rates at? Congratulations by the way, I think it’s great that people are able to earn money through social media.

    • Lauren
      30/11/2019 / 4:42 pm

      EXACTLY!!! You can’t complain about other people undercharging and not tell them what they should be charging. I can’t understand why it has to be a huge secret.

  3. Ayse
    07/11/2019 / 8:51 pm

    This was a great post to read and I definitely think bloggers should be more ‘open’ about how much they charge for sponsored posts! I’ve only done my first instagram sponsored post last month and think I undercharged but only because I didn’t know any rates whatsoever! Thank you for being so open about your rates and earnings!

    Ayse x


    • Lauren
      30/11/2019 / 4:42 pm

      They definitely should! I’ve under-charged so many times looking back on it, but honestly i just get excited at the thought of being paid to take a photo and i’m like I’LL DO WHATEVER. I’m still learning!

  4. 08/11/2019 / 8:49 am

    That’s really helpful, thank you for sharing and being open about it all. I’m a much smaller blogger and am just starting with the whole paid/gifted world! It really is a minefield haha. I love the photos by the way, your top is gorgeous x

    Jessica | http://www.jessicacantell.co.uk

  5. 18/11/2019 / 7:38 pm

    This is such an insightful post Lauren – I don’t feel as though enough bloggers talk about the money side of things!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. 27/11/2019 / 12:33 am

    I’m so thankful for this post!! 😊

    I have a lot less followers than you do and mainly work on gifting campaigns and only ever get paid campaigns if a brand offers it to me.

    You’re so right when you say that it’s so simple to ask a brand if they have a budget available. It doesn’t come across cheeky and if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?

    This is the first honest post I have seen about rates and I love you for sharing what you charge and what you’ve made. It really is so helpful Lauren and it gives me something to work towards.

    Thank you so much! 😊
    As always I’m a huge fan of your content.

    Love Lozza xo

    • Lauren
      30/11/2019 / 4:48 pm

      Oh thank you!! Honestly, it can’t hurt to ask whenever anyone emails you. I felt really rude when i first started asking but seeing someone be paid for the campaign i did gifted just annoyed me so much that i ask everyone now! I was naive to think that brands would always be upfront about their budget, more often than not they’ll hide it to get you to work for free! Thank you for always being amazing xxx

  7. 27/11/2019 / 7:56 pm

    I’m not really confident with the whole ‘gram yet, but I’ve read so much information about it. I can charge roughly £20 per Instagram post based on my followers and engagement. Looking at yours £125 – £150 upwards would be about right depending on work involved etc. Someone told me its £100 for every £10k followers but I’m not sure how true that is. I have heard of ‘famous’ influencers charging £5k per post upwards. I would say its trial and error. You seem to have your head screwed on, well done on your earnings!

    I am not at the level yet when I even get offered gifted, as they all want £1k plus followers on Instagram. I’m in no rush though! I’m hoping this time next year I will be in the 1k plus territory!

    Gemma x

    • Lauren
      30/11/2019 / 4:55 pm

      It took me so long to be confident enough to ask for money and take on regular paid work! I heard that statistic as well and it definitely makes sense. I’ve been told a mixture of “you charge just enough” and “you don’t charge enough” since i posted this, it’s crazy how little information there is out there! Good luck with your instagram, you got this! x