1 jumpsuit 3 ways

I’ve been struggling a bit recently. With life in general, but more specifically, how my take on sustainable fashion will effect my blog and future campaigns. It’s safe to say fashion is a huge passion of mine and i’m still a fan of some high street brands, but i want to make an effort to be more sustainable.

I want my focus to be longevity. I don’t want to preach to people to stop buying from high street stores, but to start off buying less often and shopping secondhand a lot more. We should be investing in clothes long-term, not just blindly following trends and buying hoards of new things every month.

So, with this in mind, i’ve been thinking of multiple ways to style my wardrobe. Restyling my summer clothes for winter is a big focus at the moment, but i’ll do a whole separate thing on that later. I’m talking about one specific jumpsuit today!

This jumpsuit was around £9 from a charity shop a few months ago – i wore it to death in summer but haven’t touched it since it started getting colder. It’s v-neck and short sleeved with a nice summer leaf print, so i wasn’t sure if i should put it away with all my vests and shorts.

However; i’ve got three ways to style this for winter depending on the jumpsuit and how cold it is, and i really love them all. I’ve given this jumpsuit a whole new lease of life and i’m actually excited to wear it again; that feeling tends to wear off with clothes after the first few wears.

outfit 1.

This one is pretty simple. It’s exactly how i would wear it in summer, except with a roll neck underneath and a fluffy jacket on top. A roll neck will be your best friend with most of the summer-to-winter styling tips i have.

And then i’ve just added a red belt to give it a pop of colour and my favourite boots that i haven’t taken off all year. Proper low effort outfit, minimal thinking and styling required.

outfit 2.

Smug puppy for cuteness.

This one is a little more complicated and difficult to get right but opens up so many more outfit combinations if you manage to nail it. I’ve folded over the top half of the jumpsuit and tucked it into the bottom, added a belt and you’ve got a nice pair of trousers.

It’s so difficult to not make the top half of the jumpsuit appear bunched up under the bottom, and it’s a hit or a miss as to whether or not the belt will actually keep the trousers up, but i love this jumpsuit like this. I think it looks so good as trousers.

Add a roll neck and the leaves turn all cute and autumnal. You could even fold them into trousers in summer and wear them with a tshirt – the possibilities are ENDLESS.

outfit 3.

Ok, so this is my favourite of the 3 because i just feel like i have really nailed layering and that’s something i’ve always struggled with. I’ve got my roll neck under the jumpsuit, then a jumper over the roll neck and it looks ADORABLE, if i do say so myself.

The jumper is, of course, interchangeable depending on what jumpers you have and what jumper you feel like wearing that day, but i could throw on any jumper over the top of this and look adorable.

The roll neck is also optional, i had it on for warmth originally but it actually looked pretty good peeking out over the top. I’ve then tucked the jumper into the belt around the jumpsuit to give it a bit more shape and added my fluffy jacket for ultimate warmth.

I just want to encourage people to keep re-wearing their clothes, to keep finding new ways to style them and make them feel new again. It’s very unhealthy to keep buying new clothes all the time. I find it way more exciting to style my old things in a new way!

What’s your favourite clothes styling hack?