5 thrifted outfits

I am a huge advocate of charity shopping. The majority of my wardrobe is made up of thrifted items and every single outfit contains at least one thing that is thrifted. I go so often that i’ve even managed to compile a whole post about it, which you can find here.

Ultimately, i would like to encourage more people to shop in charity shops. It’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper as a consumer, and the money goes towards a good cause. It’s win-win.

Today, i’ve put together five outfits made up of items i’ve thrifted over the past few months or so. These are some of my favourite things to style and they’re all from brands i would shop new from anyway; i’ve just done it on the cheap.

outfit 1.

First up we have an item i actually got at a swap shop event i went to last weekend! It really badly needs ironed but y’know what, who can be arsed with that? As you can tell, it’s not me.

This shirt reminds me of a ‘Friends’ era kind of outfit because it’s so oversized. It’s also a really nice silky material but it’s not shiny, and it’s a nice charcoal grey. It’s gonna look mint paired with my Docs.

I’ve chosen to wear it with some Topshop Jamie jeans which i found in a charity shop for £7 and just a plain black turtleneck top which i’ve had for years and years. It’s a classic Lauren all-black outfit. Definitely what i feel most powerful in.

outfit 2.

This outfit brings me so much joy. This is my girl boss outfit, for sure. Everything you’re looking at is something i’ve desperately wanted for ages and found in a charity shop. Miracles do happen, folks!

The camel turtleneck was like £3 and is actually a few sizes larger than i wear, but you can’t tell because it just fits as normal. Weird sizing is quite common in charity shops so definitely look all around your regular size and try things on!

Then, this blazer, which is originally from New Look, was on my wishlist for months. I was so close to just buying one new from H&M for £35 when i found this one for £6 in my local charity shop. Buzzing doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Add my £7 Jamie jeans and we’ve got a whole stylish outfit for £16. Only in a charity shop could you come across bargains like this. The high street could never.

outfit 3.

Aside from the Topshop jeans, i haven’t actually had much luck with any bottom half items in charity shops. The only other thing i’ve found (aside from a skirt) are these trousers, which have little daisies on them.

I loved wearing them all through summer; they were only around £6, and so i’ve decided to re-style them for winter by adding a chunky knit jumper. This black roll neck jumper is also from a charity shop.

If i remember correctly, it was also around £6 and it’s really cosy. I’m a bit weird with turtlenecks, they actually make me feel quite ill. Something to do with having my neck restricted makes me uneasy but i wear them anyway because fashion.

outfit 4.

Serving you some sustainable Christmas content in my gorgeous thrifted Christmas jumper! This is my first thrifted Christmas and the amount of jumpers they have in stock makes my little heart so happy. I just couldn’t leave this one.

It was £4 but Max actually bought it for me, because he’s an adorable angel. It’s so different from most other Christmas jumpers you see nowadays, it is just a classic cute Christmas vibe. I love the snowflakes on the elbows too.

Turtleneck tops under jumpers is the vibe for winter, you’ll see it a lot from me in the coming months because i just think everything looks better with a turtleneck underneath. Also keeps you incredibly warm!

outfit 5.

I didn’t originally intend on wearing the turtleneck under this for the photo but it actually looks pretty good, i think. See, i was correct when i said you’d see me with this damn turtleneck under everything.

This is one of the thrifted pieces i’m most proud of. My £8 Nobody’s Child dress. It fits like a glove and i get compliments on it every time i wear it. I also get way too excited to tell people i found it in a charity shop with the tags still on.

I love styling it with a jumper over the top, tucked into a belt, just for a bit more warmth. And now i can wear it with the turtleneck too, since i’ve discovered that looks good! Maybe even double layer with the turtleneck AND a jumper…

I hope this post has given you some styling inspiration – whether it’s within your own wardrobe or you fancy a wee charity shop trip in the next few days! I love seeing your styling tips and what bargains you’ve got, so feel free to share them on instagram with the tag #ShoestringStyling.

Which is your favourite outfit?

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