The Monthly #5 & #6

So it literally took me until the end of December to realise i missed an entire Monthly post out at the end of October, and in the interest of continuity, i just have to do it. Even if it’s just me that reads these, i can’t stand the thought of looking back and realising i’ve forgotten about 2 whole months of my life.

Therefore, i have decided to combine both 5 & 6 together in one kinda long Monthly post. I don’t normally do a #6 but it would have felt wrong doing a post about September and October in December. That’s weird.

September genuinely feels so long ago that i’m surprised i remember anything that happened during it. Each month feels like it’s been so long, but the year overall has flown by.

The Monthly #5 – September & October

Our first press trip.

A definite ‘pinch me’ moment but Max and i went on our first ever press trip together at the start of September thanks to RyanAir and the Charleroi Tourism Board! I met some of the loveliest people on that trip and it was amazing to see somewhere new and so different.

I was then invited on another press trip to Portugal which i ended up having to turn down due to getting an interview in the middle of it, for a job i didn’t even get. I’m still devastated about this and wish i had gone on the press trip instead but oh well. Plenty of people have reassured me that i made the right choice.

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ad | I think I’ve found a new favourite sport 🤩 there’s something I never thought I’d say. It took me about 20 mins to work up the nerve to actually stand up on the paddle board, by which time my feet were totally numb from kneeling and i had no idea how I was managing to stay upright. Also, how unflattering are wetsuits?!?! Didn’t know my legs were 2 inches long but ok

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Family trip.

Also in September, we went on a family holiday to France including stops in Dover, Calais, Paris, Disneyland and Boulogne. Phew. It was exhausting but also amazing and i have vowed to live in Paris one day because i just love it there so much.

Disneyland was amazing because my little sister had never been there before, and i loved showing her the parade and going on some of my favourite classic rides. Boulogne had the nicest beach ever and we ate a lot of amazing food. I really love France!

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In love with Paris and everything about it. I will live here one day, mark my words 🤩

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What else?

  • I collaborated with Dior, Costa, Nivea, Desenio and SGXNYC. And most of them were paid! I’ve been a lot stricter with which gifted campaigns i accept now and almost always ask for payment before accepting anything.
  • Max and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Quite a big one! 5 years is a long time. He’s definitely been the best thing about this entire decade, though. He’s my best friend in the world.
  • I turned 22. I wasn’t actually bothered for my birthday this year and didn’t want it to be a big deal. I also got ill just before it, which wasn’t ideal, but it was nice going out for dinner and spending time with my besties.

The Monthly #6 – November & December

Went to Japan.

Our first trip out of Europe together, our first long haul flight…i fully expected it to break us. But it was the most amazing trip we’ve ever had! We both completely fell in love with Tokyo.

Proper Japan content is coming, it may well be January by the time i get it finished and ready to go as i have quite a big backlog of content to go up before the New Year, and Japan is the least time sensitive.

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Got a job!

Bloody FINALLY. After interviewing for a job i really wanted and not getting it, i didn’t have much hope when i interviewed for this one because i wanted it even more than the other one.

Miraculously, they chose me. It’s part-time, meaning i can still keep up my blog and instagram to a pretty good standard, it’s five minutes from my house and everyone is amazing. They’re so flexible with my hours which is amazing, and overall i’m just so thrilled to have a purpose again.

I can’t wait for January so i can get settled into a new routine and get to grips with my new job and everything!

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What else?

  • I collaborated with Gunna Drinks, Freixenet, Weetabix, Monki, Stagecoach and TKMaxx. Phew. It’s been a busy few months! I’m really trying to up the amount of paid collaborations i’m doing, and so far so good.
  • Started a hashtag & held an event. So, i recently started a hashtag which is #ShoestringStyling, designed to inspire people to shop secondhand and restyle their existing clothes. In December, partly for Max’s university project, we held a small swap shop event in Edinburgh and it was amazing. Swap shops are my new favourite thing and i loved organising it between us!

Overall, the tail end of this year has definitely been better than the beginning. And all the best things happened towards the end, meaning i’m starting 2020 in the best way possible. I know i say this every year but 2020 really will be my year. Next years goals incoming!

How have your Nov/Dec been?