What i wore in Japan

Similar to my ‘what i wore this week’ series but also not really. I took an outfit selfie each day we were there and figured i better use them!

We got extremely lucky with the weather whilst in Japan and it was quite warm for most of the 10 days. I packed mostly jumpers and things i could layer, but that turned out to be too much combined with my big fluffy jacket.

I tried to pack things i could rewear and restyle, like dresses i could wear as skirts when layered with a jumper, but as per usual, i overpacked and wore mostly everything once. I am not a poster board for a capsule wardrobe, clearly.

day one.

I made a rather bad choice for day one. These dungarees are gorgeous and one of my favourite things in my wardrobe but they are slightly too tight around the butt area, making them a bit uncomfortable to walk around in.

Nevertheless, i persisted and i need to recreate this look at home. I really dig the turtleneck + dungarees combo. This belt is also the only belt i brought with me so expect to see it a LOT!

I bought these dungarees secondhand but they are originally from Topshop – i specifically wanted the ones that had the brown stitching because i just love that look. The turtleneck is from New Look, and it’s disrespectful to wear your shoes inside but i absolutely wore my Doc Martens.

day two.

My favourite day of the whole trip (stay tuned for the other post to find out why) and i think my favourite outfit of the whole trip. Also badly planned because i had to take my tights off and get a pair of shorts from the place we went so no-one saw my pants.

I looked bangin’ in photos though, and that’s all that matters. I layered a jumper over a dress to make it look like a skirt and it is a vibe, if i do say so myself.

This dress was thrifted for £6 and this jumper is a good 2 years old from H&M. I’m sure they still do this jumper, in varying colours too. It’s such a perfect basic for the colder months.

day three.

I can never seem to get space buns right, but even my weird, wonky, small ones look adorable. It’s one of my favourite hairstyles, but i can never manage to do it properly and it just makes me mad.

This colour combo is one of my favourites and weirdly, i never thought of combining two of my favourite basic layering pieces together to make an entire outfit.

I bought these cord trousers from Depop, but they are originally Topshop and i think they had some on sale not too long ago. Then this red jumper is from Pull & Bear and it’s just a plain, thin knit basic.

day four.

This kind of magical layering is pretty difficult, but once i was made aware of this technique, i haven’t been able to stop doing it. It gave my wardrobe a whole new lease of life.

This top is actually a dress, which i have tucked into my pink cord trousers to make a more walking/cold holiday friendly outfit. I tuck almost all my dresses in now as i prefer wearing jeans/trousers, but have some dresses i love the print of.

This dress is from ASOS a few months ago (i’m obsessed with anything astrology printed) and the trousers, same as before, are from Depop but originally Topshop.

day five.

This is the kind of outfit that i felt really good in until i got out, and then i just felt silly. I have no idea why, but also wearing all tight clothes means when i bloated, i bloated HARD.

I like simple outfits, though. I like being minimal and i love turtlenecks. If you couldn’t see my wonky ribs through this one, i’d probably love this outfit way more.

The turtleneck is from New Look, but i do have to wear a white vest underneath as it’s a bit see through, and the jeans are Topshop Jamie jeans. They’re the only skinny jeans i swear by – high waisted AND belt loops?!

day six.

Rewearing the same turtleneck even though i spilled ramen on it the day before because that’s just how i roll. God, i miss the good ramen over there.

Whilst i was wearing my turtleneck and jeans, the whole day i wished i was wearing my cord trousers because they’re just so comfortable. So, that’s exactly what i wore the day after!

To be honest, i think the boob socks make this outfit. They’re from Monki, and everything else i’ve worn previously. This is when we start to get down to the different combinations of the same items.

day seven.

Gotta get that potassium, yo. This is the outfit that i actually pre-planned for this trip, everything else i just worked out as i was packing it. It’s still a favourite outfit of mine now, but i definitely reserve it for nicer occasions.

So, i’ve got a mesh polka dot top which was gifted from I Saw It First back in 2018 i think, a green top thingy which i picked up from a swap shop, and my Uniqlo teddy cardi.

I had to actually stitch the green top so the straps were smaller and i’m very chuffed with my work. The teddy cardi was purely for warmth, and because i got it the previous day and was excited to wear it.

day eight.

Our last full day that wasn’t just travelling! Being away for a chunk of December meant i didn’t have as much time as i wanted to wear my Christmas jumpers, so of course i brought one with me.

I layered it with a black turtleneck which definitely gave me some sort of apres-ski vibes, especially combined with the messy braids that i absolutely did sleep in. It’s the last day, all effort goes out the window.

I love red and pink together and the subtlety of the red on the jumper tied in quite nicely with the pink cords. This jumper was bought secondhand from Shrub Coop in Edinburgh, and i already can’t wait to wear it again at Christmas.

So i know i said 10 days, but with travel included, it was really only 8. I figured i’d ease you into the Japan content with a little fashion post, and give myself longer to work on the big boi and decide which angle i want to come at it from.

I haven’t even started writing it yet but i’m hoping it won’t take long. Actually, on the date of writing this post, it’s been a month since we left. Jesus, i am well behind on my content. Lol.

Which outfit is your favourite?