Secondhand things i’ve bought recently and how i’d style them

I’m a massive advocate of sustainable fashion and secondhand shopping, whether it be through Depop or in charity shops. Personally, i prefer charity shopping unless i’m looking for something super specific, in which case i’ll spend a little time on Depop hunting for the best price.

I would normally want to do this in an IGTV format but i’ve lost my mojo with that too. I feel like overall, i’ve just lost all inspiration and excitement i once had for my blog. I’ll get into that another time, but for now i wanted to go back to easy fashion content just to get myself into the swing of posting again.

Here are a few things that i’ve purchased recently – all secondhand – and how i’m planning on styling them. It’s been a good month for secondhand items and i’m really excited about how some of these are going to fit into my wardrobe. And now i have to stop because i literally have no room for anything else!

New York’s finest just got a whole lot finer.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual style, but i could not leave it. It’s a genuine New York tee from a gift shop in NYC. It still had the tags on and was, i assume, an unwanted gift that now lives in my drawers and comes with the best pun opportunities.

It was originally $22 plus the £600 flights out to America to buy it, and i got in for £3 in the charity shop next to my local Tesco. A pretty good saving, if you ask me!

This will most likely become a pyjama tee/a lazy tee. I’m now looking at these photos and considering layering it with an oversized shirt for extra cool points but it was one of those ‘buy before thinking’ purchases. Ain’t mad about it tho.

I uhm-ed and ah-ed over this top for a few mins before deciding yea, okay, i actually need it. I am so glad i didn’t leave it behind because knowing how much i love it already, i think i would be extremely upset.

It’s a very thick material, high neck top with a 70s red and white pattern. The kind of item i dream about but can’t quite materialise it into a wearable piece of clothing, y’know? All the tags are cut out of this so i have no idea where it’s from, but it cost me a grand total of £3.

I’ve styled it with my cream coloured cords, which are also secondhand, and my Stradivarius cowboy boots, which are ALSO secondhand, to create the dreamiest, most fashionable secondhand outfit i’ve ever owned. There’s a special kind of magic that follows you around when your outfit is entirely secondhand.

I’ve also layered it with a Mango blazer which i picked up in a charity shop a few weeks ago for £6 – i had been so close to ordering a blazer online before taking a chance detour on my way home from work and finding this gem in a charity shop i don’t normally go into. My mum says i should play the lottery because of my charity shop luck.

Ok, this. This cardigan. It’s the BEST. I first saw this on Zoe Sugg’s 21 buttons account (here’s the link to my 21 buttons account lol cheeky plug) but the bargain hunter in me knew i would never pay full price for it. £75?! No thaaaank you.

My first thought was to buy a plain cardigan and swap the buttons out for some dinosaur ones. Turns out, dinosaur buttons are impossible to find online, so i settled for some serious hunting on Depop.

Whilst i didn’t pay full price for this, it was still pretty expensive. It’s by & Other Stories which is a more expensive brand and not one i would consider shopping from at full price, but when you know, you know. I knew i had to have this cardigan.

£60 later and this turned up on my door with the tags still on, in perfect condition. It’s true love! It’s the exact kind of unique item i’ve needed to throw on over seemingly ‘boring’ outfits. I feel like it even makes my white jeans look more exciting.

Another & Other Stories gem, except this one was found totally by chance in a charity shop near my work. It’s not my normal style but i was determined to make it work. I try really hard to not shop brands when i’m charity shopping, but even i make exceptions in special cases.

This cream coloured puffed sleeve blouse is a really thick, expensive feeling material and i actually find it really feminine and pretty. You get past the ‘fuck, these sleeves are massive!’ feeling after a few minutes.

So, expensive brand, tags still on, originally £65. I got it for £7. Now do you see why i couldn’t put it back on the shelf, even though it maybe wasn’t 100% me?! When you’ve got an insane bargain staring you in the face, you can’t just leave it.

And now, for my favourite outfit of all! This is one half of my personality, the other half being the cute dinosaur jumper and joke NYPD tshirt. I genuinely feel so cool in this outfit and it’s unlike me to ever feel cool in my clothes.

This t-shirt cost me £3.50 in my local charity shop and as soon as i picked it up, i knew this is how i would style it. I’ve never been able to master the mesh-under-tshirt look before, but i think i’ve finally managed to do it. It just suits it perfectly.

I think the only think that would make it better is if the mesh was stars instead of polka dots, to match the Milky Way slogan of the tshirt. I generally love all things astrology/space related so this was an excellent find for me.

I would strongly urge all of you to go explore your local charity shops – i’ve written a post all about why you should HERE – but honestly, secondhand shopping gives me such a thrill and finding a hidden treasure that is pre-loved is a way better buzz than the ‘new clothes’ feeling. Trust me.

What are your favourite secondhand bargains?