Welcome to the Rebrand

Hello and welcome to my brand new (kinda), updated site. Brand new URL, same look because i’ve finally got it the way i like it and that’s how it’s gonna stay.

I’ve been debating a change for a while, I felt as though I had outgrown “Loulabellerose” and wanted something that felt a little more grown up. That name came from my childhood nickname, after all.

So, here you’ll find sustainable fashion tips and hauls, and a lot of lifestyle posts on a range of sub-topics. I’m going to talk about money, adulthood and just life in general.

If you’re a little confused, my social handles have also changed to match my new blog URL! It’s been a long time since i’ve changed my social handles and it’s a strange thing to adapt to.

If you want to find me on my new socials, visit these links below:

Thank you to anyone who is still here and reading my blog. I feel like they are somewhat of a dying art at the minute, with everybody putting their all into Instagram, but i miss my chaotic dumping ground of a blog.

It’s the start of something new (it feels so right, to be here with you) and I’m excited about all the newness on my platforms at the minute!