My favourite outfits of the month – July

*This post contains PR products, all words and photos are my own.

My Instagram has become very fashion focused over the past few months; i feel like my style has completely changed and i’ve worn some things i absolutely love recently.

I figured it was a good idea for my future self to compile some of my favourite recent outfits into a post so i can use it for outfit inspiration when i’m feeling uninspired.

I’m going to focus solely on July for this post, even though we are well into August now but i seem to be incapable of doing anything on time.

Last month, i became obsessed with tennis skirts. I have quite a few now and they’re my favourite to plan outfits with – i feel really girly and cute in them which is not something i feel often considering i pretty much live in jeans.

I lost my love for short skirts in the past few years – i used to love wearing mini skirts, before developing some very negative views about my body and my legs. I hid them away.

I still struggle a little with my legs and how they look. I have a lot of cellulite and stretch marks, mainly on the backs of my legs, but i’m trying not to let it stop me wearing the clothes i love.

This skirt was a Depop purchase that cost me £9, and i will admit i did buy this top new from Zara at the start of lockdown but i adore it. The belt is old from ASOS – i tend to rarely buy belts but re-wear them ALL THE TIME.

This dress is up there with one of my favourite secondhand purchases of all time. I’ve adored it for a really long time but struggled to find it secondhand in my size. Admittedly, this isn’t even my size and it doesn’t zip up fully but you can’t really tell. And i still love it.

This is a Topshop pinafore dress that sold out super quickly when they dropped last year – since then, a few of the prints have been really difficult to find anywhere. They’re just too popular. This is one of them, and the one i wanted the most.

I paid around £40 for this, which isn’t cheap, but given it’s something that has been on my wishlist for such a long time, i felt like it was okay. I adore the print, and i feel like it’ll look really cute with a jumper layered over the top (or underneath!) for autumn/winter.

Looking at the other two outfits, this one feels like a different person. Totally different vibe. I have a lot of multi-personality outfits that i love wearing, i can never settle on one style.

I’ve gotten very into sweater vests recently. I’ve gone full Chandler Bing vibes and i’m not even mad about it! Sweater vests look super cute by themselves, layered on top of a tshirt and layered on top of a shirt. They’re versatile – look cute with jeans, shorts and skirts. Can’t go wrong.

I also decided i needed a pair of bootcut jeans. But not ugly bootcut jeans – these ones are tight on the bum and thighs, and loose at the bottom. It’s a super flattering shape and i love them as a basic that adds a little more to an outfit.

Alongside girly and Chandler Bing, we also have the Hardcore Blogger vibes. I love this hat but never wear it because it makes me feel too extra – i think it’s time to embrace that.

I own the Zara mom shorts in almost every colour because they are the most perfect basic shorts i’ve ever owned. It might seem like overkill having lots of pairs of them but i’ll never need to buy another pair of shorts again – i’m sorted.

I’ve also been really obsessed with these shoulder pad tees. I love the shape they give me, being someone who does not have a lot of shape at all. I’m enjoying looking a little more hourglass than pencil.

All black outfits will forever hold a certain kind of power that makes you feel like the baddest bitch around. I do enjoy wearing colour now but sometimes, you can’t beat an all black outfit.

Oop, another tennis skirt. Told you, i just love them. They’re really flattering and i think they’ll look cute, like this, with jumpers in autumn.

This jumper is actually a mens ASOS jumper that i couldn’t resist, look how cute it is! It’s lilac, which i’m already obsessed with, and has little clouds all over it. It is the most perfect jumper in the world.

And finally, this dress. It’s very very similar to the floral dress above, it’s the similar pinafore style just in another print. This was another one i was obsessed with but struggled to find in this hot pink leopard print.

It’s very loud, very bright, and not my usual style, but i feel so pretty in it. It looks gorgeous on, even though this one also doesn’t fully zip up.

It also cost me around £40 from eBay but, again, i think it’s really versatile and can be worn with jumpers, turtlenecks and t-shirts. It’s an ~ investment ~ piece.

Alongside these key pieces, i’ve been loving having a few staple pieces of jewellery that i wear every single day, no matter the outfit.

The first is this gorgeous Daisy necklace* that i haven’t taken off since i got it. Daisy have the most gorgeous collection of Women’s necklaces that make the perfect addition to your everyday outfits.

The next are rings – i haven’t been able to wear rings for a while as i have a bad habit of biting my nails, but thankfully i managed to stop and can now wear my favourite rings again.

My favourite is a chunky silver ring from Lily Melrose’s Depop store. I didn’t think big chunky rings would suit me but i actually really love this – it makes my hands look more dainty.

So there we go, there’s my favourite outfits from the past month and a few accessories i wear daily! I think i’ll try to do one of these posts every month – it helps to remind myself of the clothes i love to wear and how to style them.

What are your favourite outfits of the month?